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I have a close Russian friend who would tell me stories about the motherland, but besides mentioning the occasional vacation to Moscow, he hasn’t ever given much detail about what goes on inside the country. He’s soon joined by Matt Taibbi, who you may know from his recent articles in The Rolling Stone.

For nearly a decade they go on to publish the most controversial newspaper that post-Communist Russia has ever seen.

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Afterwards, he leveraged his stepfather’s death from a brain tumor to land a shitty job in Moscow, eventually winding up as a personal assistant for a smelly Pakistani mogul.I know things have changed since the book was published in 2000, but as long as I avoid uber-rich Moscow, I think I can capture some of what they experienced over a decade ago.The fact that they make a place like Brazil seem like Disneyland on family fun day means I have no choice but to visit, sooner than later.The laws are complex and most people aren't smart enough to understand it properly.And the problem I see with that is, even if you asked a police officer, they probably won't know because they are stupid too.

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