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He called someone in my office and said he'd like me to come to South Carolina to be part of the entertainment contingent. With all due respect…I'm not a practicing Catholic. I mean one on one." And he says, "I think we can arrange that."So…we get there.

There was some priest from Pittsburgh who had a position in the Vatican, and he was gathering people from different spheres who were Catholic. And not like she's getting blessed in a stadium.

Today, we will leave for Nice by driving along the Mediterranean coast, admiring the exquisite ocean view (and you can choose to take a Monaco visit tour at your own expense, 30 EUR/person, minimum 20 people).

We will make a brief stop in Eze Village, a typical provencal town where we can visit the shop of a perfume maker.

Today, we will explore Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, a holy land of literature and art. After breakfast, we will explore Rome, the City of Eternity.

Our city tour will take us to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Palazzo Vecchio, and St. During a short city tour, we will visit the Coliseum, the Arch of Constantine, the Capitoline Hill, the Circus Maximus, the Forum Romani, and Piazza Venezia.

That Alejandro probably hit it on the head when he said, "There are as many interpretations as there are people in the seats." When he told me where he was headed…I had kind of thought to myself he was going to go there.

In the afternoon, we will arrive in Geneva and take a walking tour to discover the old town before going on a stroll along Lake Geneva.In some cases our suppliers have not yet confirmed their future schedules.So bookmark this page and keep checking back with us if you don't see the dates you're looking for. I don't know because I don't think about it a lot. So, maybe because I show interest and maybe that is flattering…

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