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Scheduled visiting hours are from 2-4 PM on the first and third Sundays of each month April through October, weather permitting, and also other times by appointment. Randolph Township was formed from Elizabeth Township in 1804.

The settlement of the area took place in two migrations, the first by river boat through Cincinnati in the early 1800s.

The second wave began after the National Road had reached the township in 1838 and brought mainly German Baptist families overland from Pennsylvania.The two men working together made many improvements on the land including a saw mill along Pigeye Creek, a subsidiary of the West Branch. He and Nancy had four children three of whom survived to adulthood: Charles E., Clara and Emma. was running the local hotel under the name of Harrisburg Hotel.Both were millers and John III also served as a township trustee for a number of years. Her husband, John III, died a year later at about the age of 66. The sign in front of the hotel building shows up in many of Edwin Sink’s photos of Englewood ca. How many of you have been to a family reunion in recent times or ever?The minutes of the June 26, 1977 meeting (the 75th reunion of the Becker Family) held at Nashville Park on Rt. “[It] was a beautiful day but no one showed up for dinner, but myself [Elsie Shupe] and granddaughter, Angie Croft. Shortly after, Wilbur and Bessie Royer showed up, then Louis and his mother Ethel Knife came, then Ray Becker and Florence Becker. and his wife died at age 39 and only two sons were still alive in 1882, i.e., Lewis and Henry V., Jr. was born in Germany in 1816 and trained as a cabinetmaker. Shortly thereafter, he traveled to Fredericks-town, MD, then Vienna Crossroads, Clark Co., Ohio and then to Dayton. undoubtedly came west over the newly built National Road! The first at the head-waters was on the Jesse Kinsey farm on the NW corner of the old National Road. He also mentions that the foundation of Hamilton Turner's whiskey distillery stood across from the grist mill.We decided since no one was interested in coming anymore, we would dispense with the reunions.” Elsie Shupe, Sec., Treas. .the old Anthony Wayne Trail, which is now Route 49. A large sawmill, operated by Emanuel Hubley, was on the west hill along Diamond Mill Road.

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