Dating fender strat

Hagstrom made their name as an accordion maker but in the late 50's started producing some cool guitars and basses in their Swedish factory.

This Hagstrom I, also called an F-200 on models branded "Kent" is a unique piece that plays exceptionally well and has a cool tone.

Offered in immaculate condition with no signs of wear and an absolutely killer low set up.

Dont pay 49 for a new one get this one with a perfect in-house setup for 59 with your choice of pickups. These early molded case, easily identified by their 4 latch closure and interior compartment door, are hard to come, especially in nice shape.

Made in the 1960's, the wooden body has a vinyl covering with a raised Plexiglas top and large raised-even-more plastic pickguard.

It features a single volume control, dual pickups, and controls for L (neck pickup on/off), H (bridge pickup on/off), Tone (bright switch), and Mute.

The circuit also features a treble bleed circuit to keep your tone consistent when lowering the volume.

At 28 years its actually vintage now and at 0 its less than a new Mex model. 1986 G&L ASAT Blonde w/Ebony Board, (front), (back), (headstock), (bridge), (spec sheet), (chip), (case).

Includes a vintage case that may or may not be original. Its in excellent condition and comes with box, manual, and power supply. This is a real professional unit and it had a price that reflected that. Note: I also have a Mix-2 in a carpeted road case for sale.

It is not an 80s Japan case the latches most likely place it no later than the 70s. 1990 Fender '54 Reissue Stratocaster, (front), (back), (headstock), (neck/body markings), (electronics) (body routes), (original pickups).

It also features Hagstom's patented H-expander truss rod which allows a low action and prevents neck twists or warpage.

This is probably the reason why so many of these play exceptionally well today.

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