Dating english concertinas

For condition report please see the catalogue at More details Wheatstone 48 Key Concertina (1860) no.11725 with fretwork mahogany ends, metal keys (one lacks top) one leather thumb strap (the other missing and the wrist strap detached) five fold bellow (wear to edges) in hexagonal Amboyna case ' La Chenal & Co.' with key More details Lachenal & Co Anglo Concertina no. 116393, with thirty-one bone buttons on pierced ends, five-fold bellows, box (2) More details Lachenal & Co three row Anglo concertina in need of restoration, no.85435 with 20 buttons, in manufacturers box (lacks lid)Appears to have button stuck open although all buttons depress and return, bellows repairs on corners with household tape More details A Lachenal & Co 46 key concertina, 673, boxed Condition report Report by NGButtons all present but one at each end no longer springy. 127157, with thirty-one bone buttons on pierced mahogany ends, five-fold bellows, box; together with another three row Anglo concertina in need of restoration, box (2) More details Lachenal & Co English concertina in need of restoration, with fifty-six metal buttons on pierced rosewood ends, five-fold bellows (at fault); together with a two row Anglo concertina in need of restoration (2) More details Good Lachenal & Co English forty-eight button concertina, the pierced ebonised ends with engraved silvered floral motifs to the corners, with gilt tooled leather sides and five-fold bellows, ebonised wooden box More details Lachenal & Co., a late 19th century 56 key concertina, serial no.he was in business for 86 years), (ii) in that time he made 350000 anglo concertinas, (iii) his output was constant.Mathematically, 350000 concertinas in 86 years represents 4070 p.a.David Aumann ([email protected]) is interested in dating Lachenal anglos and brought the following information to my attention.His comments about the decline of the concertina industry are also very interesting.These instruments were all made in the UK, so "vintage English" usually refers to a Lachenal, Wheatstone, Jeffries or Crabb, and implies superior (compared to the Italian Stagis) quality of construction, sound, and playability (action).Lachenal was apparently a good businessman (he used to work for Wheatstone before going into business for himself) and so was especially successful at producing low-cost (relative to Wheatstones) models, and these are what you're likely to find today priced between 00 and 00.

The concertina measures 15.5cm wide Condition report: The instrument show small signs of wear from use but is generally good overall.

If you only want to dabble but still want a decent instrument, a 20-key vintage Lachenal or Jones (rarer, but roughly equivalent to a Lachenal) should run you between 0 and 0.

Try to get a 30-button though, as a 20-button would be very limiting musically, as you would have only the C and G rows, and no accidentals besides the F# of the G scale.

The instrument plays with plenty of volume however three keys do not function correctly and whilst they make some sound could do with some attention to play. The case is worn from use, has lost the handle and the interior fabric is coming away in areas. 56 key concertina, with pierced metal end plates fitted to rosewood hexagonal body, one handle stamped ' English Trade Mark' the leather hand straps faintly branded with maker's name, together with leather case. Condition report: The instrument has wear from use overall, the plated metal end plates have some wear around the buttons. Most keys play one note however there are several keys which do not function correctly.

Hole to bellows at one end nearest end bearing name. The bellows appear to be free of holes but the points of some corners have thin leather caps repairing holes.

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