Dating and marriage customs in greece

This custom is thought to come from paganism, and much more precisely in the old festivities worshiping Dionysus, the god of wine and feast.Clean Monday (Kathari Deutera) It’s the first day’s the season of Lent (Saracosti) where families get a picnic and fly kites.Sacrament of Baptism usually occurs the very first year following the baby comes into the world.The baby is known as baby and doesn’t possess a name until it’s baptized.Following the reception the brand new couple leaves because of its honeymoon.Baptism Baptismal day is among the most important days within the life of a Greek orthodox.Then, the infant is dressed with white clothes and also the priest puts a gold chain having a cross about the baby’s neck and provides the baby its first Holy Communion.

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At the time of the wedding, the bride to be gets dressed, by using friends and ladies from her family, and it is kept hidden, for this is bad luck for that groom to determine the bride prior to the ceremony.

Then he immerses the baby 3 times in the blessed water, saying the chosen name (usually same as the grandmother’s or even the grandfather’s name).

The infant receives the sacrament in the priest who blesses the infant with “myrrh” (essential olive oil blessed through the Patriarch) as well as the baby’s clothes.

The Greeks are extremely superstitious people and believe a great deal in religion but additionally in supernatural or paranormal phenomenon.

Traditions and superstitions change from island to island, from villages to villages and from area to area.

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