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“It could be they’re still hung up on an old girlfriend, or once the honeymoon is over, they move onto a another person because they can’t handle the real life stuff,” she says.

“Even if it was something you did, if he was a mature, proper person, he would tell you if he wanted to end it and why he’s ending it.” He’s the one who should feel bad about himself—not you. As much as it may be hard to realize this when you’re in the thick of the hurt, he just did you a huge solid.

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“If it’s your college roommate’s cousin or you met them from work, he or she probably won’t ghost,” says Sussman.Ladies, how many times have you been dating a guy and while it seems it’s going well because you’re hearing from him everyday or every other day, all of a sudden he disappears and you hear nothing for days or a week? Say you meet a man and on the first or second date you let him know that your ex never told you that you are beautiful and he never opened doors for you.What will happen is: The man will start telling you that you’re beautiful and opening doors for you.“You’re seeing someone’s real personality—someone who runs from confrontation and is a coward,” says Sussman.“Couples in healthy, long-term relationships should be able to have difficult conversations and handle confrontations.

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    'Until recently it was always assumed that humans quickly adapted to have paler skin after entering Europe about 45,000 years ago,' says Tom.

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