Dating an accutron watch

This allowed Bulova to eliminate the dial from several models of the new watches and install a printed crystal, thus exposing the tuning fork and the green colored circuitry inside.

Because ordinary plated hands didn't provide enough contrast against the movement to be easily seen from a distance, Bulova used white painted luminous handsets as replacements.

Please contact our parts department at [email protected] call 800-233-3350.

Please consult the user manual that was packaged with your Bulova watch.

The whole process takes just a few minutes and was often done while the customer waited.

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The first of these new models in gleaming stainless steel came out (I believe) at the end of 1962.

gold "Spaceviewed" models in an advertising campaign which was intended to accomplish two things.

The idea was to differentiate and create excitement around Accutron's ordinary looking dial models by giving the public a glimpse at the technology inside, and to link the development program which created Accutron to the US space program. The plan was to build enough of these unusual watches for distribution to dealers who didn't want to bother with converting one from their stock and it is widely believed that Bulova expected to sell at most, a few hundred of the new "Display Model" sales aids to their dealers.

This means that any correct chapter ring model is "factory original".

For non-chapter ring models the conversion process is very simple.

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