Consolidating worksheets into one on men dating younger girls

Open(my Dir & fn) For Each WS In Worksheets 'Assign Variables Source WS = WS. Count 'Copy worksheet data to Target Workbooks(fn).

Consolidate Worksheets Wizard for Microsoft Excel quickly combines data from multiple worksheets into one.

For instance, we have included worksheet, carrying student records, containing marks obtained by student in different exams.

As you can see in the screenshots below that we have included three worksheets containing students records in each exam.

Close 'Close Workbook End With fn = Dir() Loop End Sub I am not clear on what is not working or even what you want to do.

We usually maintain the data in multiple worksheets to check the data for each instance and to view them individually but it would be great to merge all the data from different worksheets in Excel spreadsheet to analyze it.

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