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To ease your stress, it’s important to financially plan and prepare for loan repayment.

With that said, here are six smart ways to pay off your student loan.

This module is highly recommended for dental school graduates in the Class of 2018, especially those going directly into a practice and who may not be interested in an income-driven repayment plan or forgiveness program like Public Service Loan Forgiveness. There are a number of private lenders and other organizations offering to consolidate or refinance both federal and private student loans for eligible borrowers.

While eligibility requirements vary by lender, some private lenders are targeting borrowers with higher or potentially higher incomes, as well as those with at least some history of employment.

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At USAA, we use cookies to protect your privacy and optimize your experience while conducting business on I was able to get a loan to pay off all my credit cards and have one payment per month. To get myself debt free in the next 3 years and get my life back on track. This narrated presentation will help you understand how to easily use the AAMC/ADEA DLOC to help you manage your student loans and determine the best repayment strategy after you graduate, regardless of your ultimate career plans.Targeted to first-year dental students, this narrated presentation provides important information about financing a dental education.

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