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It takes around 10 hours from Islamabad to reach Chitral by road and about 7 hours from Peshawar.

You can rent a vehicle with a driver to go to Kalash from Chitral and it takes about two hours to reach Bumburet valley. The best deal to visit Kalash is to book a trip through Hindkush Trails, one of the best tour operators in the area.

A mountain pass, located at a height of approximately 3000 m, connects the Birir and Bumburet valleys.

The Kalash villages in all three valleys are located at an altitude of about 1900 to 2200 m.

This 50 minutes flight operates 4 days in a week, subject to weather ((Flight status and schedule can be checked at the official website of PIA: ).

You can also go to Kalash by road both from Islamabad and Peshawar.

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Each household offers milk that has been saved for 10 days before the festival.Women are kept in the same clothes, which they wore at the time of death.For women and children there is no singing and dancing.In their religion, sacrifices are offered and festivals held to thank their gods for the bountiful resources in their area.Kalash valleys are made up of two peculiar cultural regions, the valleys of Rumbur and Bumburet forming one and Birir valley the other, Birir valley being the most traditional of the two.

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