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Age-verified members can allow only other age-verified adults to join the room.

If you have your name registered then you can set your room to be available to those who are not "guests".

Accounts set up after January 2014 do not have access to this section.

Themed Rooms features a few select rooms that showcase variety of ways users can enjoy IMVU. If you would like your room to be listed in that section, you can submit it for IMVU's review.

Please renew your VIP membership to regain access to these rooms. You will be prompted to assign room moderators to your room during the room creation step.

To assign one or moderators to an existing room that you own, simply click on "Edit" and add the room moderator's avatar name in the appropriate field. You must be the room's owner or a room moderator to boot someone from a room.

In the IMVU Client, right-click on the avatar or click on the "i" icon for the avatar you wish to boot.

From the avatar card, click on the "Safety" link and choose the Boot option from the safety menu.

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The "Manage" tab gives you access to creation and management of your rooms.

If you are a VIP member, you can create up to 10 rooms.

If your VIP subscription is no longer active then you will no longer have access to edit/manage the rooms you created.

The rooms are used to socialize in 3D with new and old friends.

These rooms may be visited by anyone depending on the Room Access controls the room owner has set up.

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