Celebrity trivia condoleeza rice dating

Klymen If the criterion that it's been put in public about her in "eastern and western media" -- that being *one* obscure Australian source and Iranian state-controlled media, then we'd have to make some serious changes throughout this encyclopedia.

However as you can see, even one Australian news outlet has mentioned the story.

I just see this as more of the same, and don't think we in Wikipedia should be supporting it.

Holmwood , (UTC) There so many fallacies in your argument I don’t even know where to start.

Because, despite the sourcing, they're highly speculative gossip is my answer.

On the one hand we're deleting unsourced accusations that Rice is a lesbian, and on the other we're staring at accusations that this woman was hurt by an Iranian ex-boyfriend, and that explains her behavior because, as a woman you know, she's not capable of responding rationally 20-30 years later.

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