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“We bought the store and the name and all the recipes, so we’re the only Neumeister’s candy store left,” said Debbie.“It’s really amazing to be part of that tradition.” They have kept the store’s old-time ambiance with its wooden floors and large glass display cases filled with aromatic sweet treats.In 1972, the bakery closed and David Neumeister, grandson of the founder, along with his wife, Jo Ann, and their children continued the candy operation as Neumeister’s Candy Shoppe.The Freys are the third owners removed from the founding family.

He was also given the job of cleaning out the big dough mixer with a scraper because he was small enough to climb inside the big vat to clean it. Wolf: 419-427-8419 Send an E-mail to Jeannie Wolf Fostoria’s longtime legacy in agribusiness will soon be on display.

“A lot of the customers come in and share their history and what it means to them to be able to still come here to a place where they came when they were little children,” said Debbie.

“And someone just told me that Neil Armstrong worked here years and years ago.” In fact, the man who would later become famous for walking on the moon actually worked at the bakery when his family lived in Upper Sandusky during his middle school and freshman year of high school.

Danielle Lambright, left, and Debbie Frey stand at the counter at Neumeister Candy Shoppe in Upper Sandusky.

Lambright started at the candy shop in September and her great-grandmother, Martha Rose, worked at Neumeister’s when she was in her early 20s.

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