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Though it is hinted that Chihaya may have started to develop slight feelings for Taichi in chapter 45 when she blushes, stating that her "heart is racing" and that "it's a strange feeling" when he asks her, "Wanna go to my room?" (compared to his previous rejection of permission for her to enter).As her mother pledges to make Chihaya's dream come true she asigns Shinji-kun the task to help Chihaya with her studies.He however see's Chihaya as an attractive woman and misunderstands every gesture of hers as an act of love. Chihaya was his first friend in Tokyo, and the only one that stood up to the other students (particularly Taichi) to defend him.

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It is shown that he has feelings for Chihaya, yet she is oblivious towards them.

Although in chapter 37, when Chihaya leaves with Kana-chan back to school, she hinted that Arata is merely her childhood friend.

But in chapter 92 and at the end of the second season of the anime, Chihaya realizes that she likes Arata and that she will always like him no matter what.

She is often seen trying to school Chihaya into being more lady-like.

Shinobu Wakamiya first met Chihaya during the individual high school tournament.

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