Blake lively and penn badgley dating since current men dating 2016

THE LOOK: MR CHACE CRAWFORDMr Chace Crawford is in a rush.

"He has an event to get to tonight," I'm told, as I arrive to interview him at the St Regis hotel, shortly after his MR PORTER shoot has wrapped. With not much time, we head to the hotel bar, but find it packed with noisy foreign businessmen and cocktail-soaked bankers clocking off from work.

I set about looking for a quiet spot for us to talk.

And as I do, I see Mr Crawford, dressed down in a green windbreaker, sneakers and jeans, eye what looks like a private bar tucked around a corner.

And only a couple of days before we speak, Mr Crawford, who plays the much-lusted after Nate Archibald, was wrapping the final episode."It was a surreal experience," he says about his last scene with co-stars Ms Blake Lively, Mr Ed Westwick, Mr Penn Badgley and Ms Leighton Meester.

I just want to be working," he says, when I ask him where he sees himself in the next couple of years, although he then almost instantly follows it up with: "I want to do something really shocking. The right thing just has to come up."His upcoming projects tell the same story.

On one hand his first post-Gossip Girl film is going to be the commercial romantic comedy Responsible Adult, which also stars Ms Katie Holmes, and is a safe next step for someone who has spent the past half-decade as a teen idol.

"It was kind of like The Craft meets The Lost Boys meets a boy band...

At least in Harry Potter their powers were more defined.

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