Bender phone dating

He is also extremely lazy, and is often seen sitting around on the couch drinking a beer and/or watching television.

However, he is capable of caring for others and is close friends with Leela and Fry, even though he often acts obnoxious and mean towards them.

He is also quite arrogant, frequently bragging about how great he is.

Bender's body has also been used as a popcorn maker (1ACV05), crock pot (6ACV23), cannon (6ACV23), and steam engine (6ACV23).Bender soon learns that Fry is from the 20th Century and had been frozen for a thousand years.Since Fry refused to get assigned to his job, Leela was on his tail.Bender is also very strong, even managing to bend a supposedly unbendable girder.Bender is able to remove numerous parts of his body such as his head, arms, legs and even eyes.

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