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If two people swipe yes to each other, they can start messaging.

"I still remember the first message Nick sent to me," said Magnus. We should chat.''" Tinder's focus on photographs has been criticized as being shallow.

Fein and Schneider tell women to employ acronyms like “LOL” in order to communicate to men that they are just too busy to write out three whole words.

Even when dating rules for men and women were set in stone, dating was a difficult and charmless process—particularly for women who preferred their hair short and curly, men who preferred women with short, curly, hair, and both men and women who weren't looking for a relationship with the “opposite” sex.

Unlike most dating websites, Tinder doesn't ask its users to fill out a personality profile.

"It's very similar to online shopping." Dating expert Catalina Toma studies online dating at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

, Fein and Schneider (both now, yes, mothers who quote their children extensively throughout) tweak their strategies to reflect these new technologies like “texting, Facebook, Black Berry Messenger, i Phones, Skype, and Twitter!

” But the gender roles and one-size-fits all relationship expectations established back in the rotary phone era have not changed.

In one section, "Rules Girls" are all advised to wear their hair long, stick-straight, and preferably blonde to secure the best chance of conforming to what “most men” like. Previously, women were only forced to alter their personalities when directly interacting with a dating prospect.

Today, with the rise of social media and the expansion of mixed-gender networks, women are instructed to follow the Rules in every medium and social situation in the hopes of landing a husband.

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