Avg hangs updating virus defenitions Rate flirthookup com

In reference to next question, it was running slowly but again, I do not know if the system will help or not. After I sacn it good for about 2 weeks then do it all over again no virus, looks like fragmented disk drive is the main problem latley I've had a problem losing the internet with the computer icon showing it's on. It skips letters delays typing them and generaly makes it hard to write a message. Every now and then I'll get what is known as 'The Blue Screen of Death' and I don't know what is causing it.

I'm hopeing PC Tune up will help fix the underlying problem as I like to keep playing my FB games and other video games.

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The processors climb up to 100%, and everything crawls to a halt.

i'll have to see what it did, and try out all the other tools pc matic has. its been twenty minutes and you have yet to complete a firs scan. I love my computer but i always doing some thing wrong on and i had to turn it back to factor conditions and all pcmatic blocks every thing i do so i need it to give me some lever way please thank you. Prior to installing PC Matic Norton scammer contatected me aboputy problems with the computer and changed my IP address.

In the past I have always used Norton for protection. How should I change my IP address now that I have your service?

It isn't just an annoyance, it makes the notebook going problem with deleting earlier version of MS Outlook and replacing it with MS 365.

it seems remnents of the file did not completely delete.

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