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Barry pulled his hand up the Liz’s mouth and made her lick it clean.

Needing a break, Barry went out to the kitchen and got himself a beer.

” Barry closed and locked the door and followed Liz into the living room. He grabbed her by the throat and choked her until she passed out.

By the time Liz started to come too, Barry had stripped her naked and tied her hands behind her back.

This little bitch loves it up the ass, don’t you bitch?

“You should see yourself.” He kept laughing while Liz fought back the urge to puke.

She moaned and struggled to get free and when he looked over, he had a sick, perverted look on his face.

He grabbed Ariana’s ponytail and turned her head towards Liz and said, “See Liz.

” Ariana struggled to speak, saying, “yessss……I…………” Barry continued his anal assault on his girlfriend for several more minutes and then climbed off the bed, stood in front of Liz and shot his load in the face.

When he was done, he paused for a second and then showered the brunette beauty with piss.

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