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Both training methods result in more strength, but WRD is more effective for increasing muscle mass (greater Cross Sectional Area).

In the end, chains and elastic bands are smart, easy, cheap and fun.

Compared with the way that many train though, powerlifting seems like an improvement.

The three competitive lifts: the bench press, the squat, and the dead-lift, rank among the best exercises to build size and strength.

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My perception of the load during the lift was completely different. I discovered that Accommodating Resistance Devices, like chains and elastic bands, are largely used in powerlifting and sport performance facilities.Louie Simmons of the West Side Barbell, was one of the first to make ARD known around the world of strength.The most important benefit of training with chains and elastic bands is that it allows you to maintain the overload during your lift, without them, the load is different throughout the range of motion.When you feel strong at the lockout of the bench press, this only deceives you.You have optimal leverage but the muscles actually are weaker.

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