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That's not a good sign, since we make time for people we want in our lives.So if you're not making it into his schedule until more than a week later, keep seeing other guys and move him to the backburner."There's no need to be committed from day one," he says."A guy needs to prove that he's worthy of your undivided attention before you give it to him."Writing down (or at least thinking about) what you're looking for is actually a good thing—it keeps you focused on what's really important to you in a long-term boyfriend (such as he wants to get married eventually, likes kids, dislikes prison..know, the little things). Still, you might have a chance if you ask nicely and avoid some common pitfalls.

Your friends' advice will be based on their own past, so it's going to be a bit biased.

He told her he was trying to pay, but both his cards were declined.

He got up out of embarrassment and went to the bathroom.

And, no matter what you say, here’s one word of advice before you begin: the longer you two talk, the better.

A Stanford University study showed that the longer the conversation goes on a first date, the less important the superficial stuff like height and looks become to your potential partner.

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